What can you do?

The first item is the easiest: like and share our Facebook page, especially with those you know are facing rare disease or are at work in related fields.


we need great films

Do you know any we should consider?

While we already have a ton of excellent films ready to screen, we don't want to leave out any great ones. We prefer shorts to features just so we can cover more topics. The films need not be documentaries. In fact we love a narrative film that shows what the world of rare is like. We will also consider films that may be only tangentally related to rare disease. For example: what it's like living with a full time home care nurse, how gene splicing works, how people learn to use augmented speech devices, things like that could be a good fit even if no rare disease is ever mentioned.

June Update: We're now in great shape with our selection of films. Our submissions are closed.


we need sponsors

Yep. Money. Most of us don't like to ask for money. And if you're involved in the rare community you may feel you've already asked everyone you know and maybe asked them too often. We get that.

But if you know people at genetics companies or other bio/pharma companies whose work involves rare disease these companies probably want to sponsor an event like this. But first they need to know we exist. Can you introduce us?

June Update: We're also in great shape on this front.
If you missed the chance to sponsor us, get in touch anyway so we know you might be interested in our future events.


we need you there

And last but in no way least: attend.

We want to see you at our screenings. Ask a question at our Q&A sessions. Meet others who care about rare disease.


Tickets sales have begun.




BTW We're sorry 2/3s of the illustrations here are able bodied white dudes.  We'll work on getting some representative imagery soon.