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Disorder:RDFF 2019 in the news

10/3/19 Daniel and Bo on Health Innovation Matters with Logan Plaster with a great audio clip from one of our films.

10/1/19 Xtalks

9/30/19 P&T Community

9/10/19 Menkes, Sneak Peek in Boston and an audience of experts WBUR.

9/2/19 Boston sneak peek screening New Kerala

8/30/19 siblings stories on SMA today

8/27/19 eConsultancy.

8/26/19 MM&M Medical Marketing & Media.

8/20/19 Fierce Pharma

8/15/19 Knect 365 .

8/8/19 Patient Worthy.


August 2019 Films Announced

June 2019 Details on award winning filmmakers we will feature.

May 2019 Call for films and general info.

Disorder:RDFF 2017 in the news

10/18/17 SMA News Today

10/10/17 Vice

9/29/17 RareCast podcast

9/27/17 Business Wire

9/21/17 SMA News Today

9/15/17 Mitochondrial Disease News

9/8/17 DNA Today radio show and podcast

9/7/17 Daily Mail

9/7/17 FDNA blog

9/6/17 The Mighty

8/30/17 Fierce Pharma

8/28/17 Patient Worthy

8/23/17 Frontline Genomics

4/7/17 Global Genes Rare Daily

3/28/17 Rare Disease Report "Our Curse"

12/6/16 Rare Revolution Magazine


Late Sept. 2017 : Magic Wheelchair costume to debut

September 2017 : Rare Portrait to debut

August 2017: Selected films announced

May 2017: Festival adds second day.