Counting Every Second 18 minutes, addresses GAN directed by Andrew Pucio

Lou 5 minutes, addresses Angelman's directed by Mika Matin

Unconditional 10 minutes, addresses PACs1 Syndrome directed by Jon Dorflinger

Perfect Brothers 4.5 minutes, addresses Goldenhar Syndrome directed by Claire Banks

Ian 10 minutes directed by Abel Goldfarb

At the Edge of Hope 30 minutes, addresses Batten, Sanfilippo, EB, Myofib myopathy directed by Dan Salvo

Parents' Love: Steve & Ann 4 minutes, addresses Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation directed by Ben Proudfoot

Cure Darian 3 minutes, addresses GM1 Gangliosidosis directed by Clint Popineau

Deep Blue Breath 18 minutes, addresses Vater syndrome directed by Patricia Cardoso

One in a Million 10 minutes, addresses Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome directed by Ross Kaufman & Jeremiah Zagar

Stop Sulking Isa 10 minutes, addresses tooth directed by Yseult Renard

Beyond Blue 10 minutes, addresses rare cancer directed by Cynthia Wade

Faces of Lafora 18 minutes, addresses Lafora Disease directed by Denis Bojic

Rare not so Rare 2 minutes, addresses SMA directed by Tiffany Laufer

Figaro 6 minutes, addresses PGAD directed by Dimitris Andjus

La Chamber Noire (The Dark Room) 20 minutes, addresses fictional rare directed by Morgane Segarert

2 of a Kind 19 minutes, addresses Pfeiffer Syndrome directed by Donal Moloney

A Day in My Life 4 minutes, addresses cystic fibrosis directed by Joe berg

Elefante 9 minutes, addresses fictional rare directed by Pablo Larcuen

The Story of Wilson Disease 10 minutes, addresses Wilson Disease directed by Rhonda Rowland

New lives: stories 24 minutes, addresses Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy directed by Marco Fiata

Fifth Birthday 4 minutes, addresses various directed by Jorgy Cruz

Seeing MS From the Inside Out 30 minutes, addresses MS Multiple Sclerosis directed by Christoph Green

Hope For Haley 7.5 minutes, addresses Bosch-Boonstra-Schaaf Optic Atrophy Syndrome (BBSOAS) directed by Richard Krisher

Grace 17 minutes, addresses Friedreich's ataxia directed by Kori Feener

Fraser Syndrome & Me 20 minutes, addresses Fraser Syndrome directed by Kyle Anne Grendys

My Dad is Orange 7 minutes, addresses Synesthesia directed by Elle Ralph

Brick in the Wall 18.5 minutes, addresses Myotubular Myopathy directed by Seth Evans and Jordan Danelz

Rare Disease in Children: Voices of the Siblings 7.5 minutes, addresses Tay-Sachs, GM1, leukodystrophy directed by Blyth Lord

The Race 10.5 minutes, addresses Huntington’s Disease directed by Dina Rudick

Suellen's Story 10.5 minutes, addresses Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome (VHL) directed by Ilene Sussman

My Dad Matthew 6 minutes, addresses advocacy / cerebral palsy directed by John Schaffer

The Day the Music Dies 6 minutes, addresses focal dystonia directed by Jonathan Bower

Genetics of Hope 30 minutes, addresses SMA directed by Gareth Burgess

Go Make Memories 12 minutes, addresses Niemann Pick directed by Carl Mason

Kuluut 53 minutes, addresses Bohring Opitz Syndrome directed by Charlotte Driessen

Our Friend Jon 80 minutes, addresses Sickle Cell Anemia, Spina Bifida, Autism directed by Edward Payson

Bombardier Blood 85 minutes, addresses Hemophilia directed by Patrick James Lynch

Tess is Not Alone 8 minutes, addresses USP7 directed by Bo Bigelow

Until Now 8 minutes, addresses Degenerative Neurological Disorder directed by Dana Altman

This is Michelle 8 minutes, addresses Epidermolysis Bullosa directed by Patrice Lighter

Genetics of Hope 27 minutes, addresses SMA directed by Gareth Burghes, Cray Novick & Artemis Joukowsky

Genetics vs Genomics 1 minutes, addresses directed by Tiffany Laufer

Rare is not an excuse 6 minutes, addresses NGLY1 directed by Jason Cohen

Menkes Disease: Finding Help and Hope 12 minutes, addresses Menkes Syndrome directed by Daniel DeFabio

Fragile X in Frame 10 minutes, addresses Fragile X directed by Rick Guidotti

Imagine 10 minutes, addresses Nieman Pick type c directed by Carl Mason

Magic Bracelet 18 minutes, addresses Mitochondrial Disease directed by Jon Poll

This is Mito 6 minutes, addresses Mitochondrial Disease directed by Jon Dorflinger

Finn 7 minutes, addresses Hunter Syndrome MPS directed by Jon Muedder

One Shot to Live 7 minutes addresses Batten Disease, Surf1, and TaySachs directed by Brandon Carmichael