7000 Films Wanted



If Daniel and I had to define our mission in one word, that would be it. 

At the film festival, we figured we could have the biggest impact by creating an event that would attract rare-disease patients, filmmakers, advocates, and industry--an atmosphere ripe for collaborations

And it worked. Just ask Janis Creedon and Dekel Gelbman.

But when the festival was over, we found ourselves looking for more ways to have an impact. To get more people talking about rare diseases. To make researchers take notice of the opportunities. And to spur even more collaborations.  

Daniel observed in his remarks at the festival that there are 7,000 rare diseases, exactly the same number of languages we split into in the Tower of Babel story, and that's no coincidence. Film is the one language that unites all of the patient groups. We want there to be a film for every rare disease.

That's why we're starting a new project. 

It's called 7000 FILMS WANTED

If you're dealing with a rare disease, and you already know that there isn't a film about that disease yet, we want to help you. 

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