Can I see the films online?

Some of them yes and we've linked to them here:

But others are not publicly online and our rights to them are for festival screenings only so we can't post them. A couple of them are available to buy a streaming copy and we've including that link in a note after the film's name. In other cases we link to just the trailer for the film and note that.

Will you do this again next year?

No not in 2018 (we need some sleep), but yes in 2019. Exact city and date are TBD.

Why don't you charge more for tickets?

We aren't trying to make money with this festival or even to fund raise with it. If you can contribute we can name a few dozen rare disease foundations who'd like your money. We wanted to ensure our event was not a burden to rare patient families. But we discovered an unintended consequence: with a low ticket cost people are more likely to skip the event even though they bought tickets. We're looking are better solutions for our year 2 event. We'll likely have a lower ticket cost for rare families and a slightly higher one for all others.

Why were there empty seats, I heard it was sold out?

It was disappointing for us to see empty seats. We assume a few people decided they couldn't attend after buying their tickets. (see answer above).